The history of Albarella Island dates back to ancient times. The area was dominated by the Romans, by the Barbarians and eventually it became part of the Republic of Venice.

The Island has been conceived as a protected and private area, where the basic elements are the contact with nature. With peace and silence, granting a completely relaxing break.

Many private owners have purchased real estates on the Island with the common project to promote sports and cultural activities on the island.

The “Albarella Project” was born in the sixty’s and started in 1966; there have been several working steps that leaded this place to be a real holiday center.

Thanks to the financial support of private partners and credit institutes, the project was realized in several steps. First of all the embankment all around the perimeter of the island, the arrangement of the berths, the creation of a wide golf area, sport and sea facilities, the Capo Nord Hotel, the Palancana, the water tower and 1992 the complexion of the works leading to a total of 2000 living units.

Albarella offers apartments, villas with or without swimming pool, hotel accommodation. It’s organized for meetings, conventions and banqueting, its main landmark is the golf field, where it’s also possible to take golf classes.

The touristic port of Albarella will be able to accept 450 boats (from 6 up to 25 mts length) with its concrete bay with dolphin berths.

Because of his wonderful sea, Albarella also hosts a deep-sea fishing school.

You’ll sure spend a day in the nature and in perfect equilibrium with it, when visiting this wonderful island.

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